Solar benefits

Solar power reduces your electricity bill

The benefits of producing some or all of your home’s power requirements from solar power are obvious. Solar power will reduce your electricity bill, and with electricity prices forecast to rise exponentially over the next 5 years – by as much as 60% depending on where you live – solar power makes a lot of sense. The savings and payback period can be even better depending on the feed-in tariff for solar power in your state.

Solar power reduces your carbon emissions

Every day tonnes of carbon is spewed into the atmosphere from coal-fired electricity stations. These dinosaurs of energy production are some of Australia’s worst polluters, and most of your electricity comes from here. Installing a 1kW solar electricity system can remove around 1.5 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year – that’s enough to take a car off the road for 5 months, or the equivalent of 6 native trees.

Solar power adds value to your property

Installing solar power can add value to your property. Home buyers today are increasingly looking for homes that are energy efficient. By installing solar power, you are increasing the efficiency and appeal of your home, and also delivering a degree of certainty to yourself and any future owner in terms of energy costs. And better yet, the Government pays a fair chunk of the cost thanks to government rebates.