Rain Water in the Home

Save money and use rainwater in your toilet and laundry

To use rain water in your home, you will need to install a pump capable of providing enough pressure to your toilet and laundry. When there is sufficient water in your rain water tank, the tank is smart enough to know to send that water to the toilet and/or laundry. When there isn’t enough water in tank, the pump automatically switches over to mains water, and pumps this through to your toilet or laundry. The process is seamless, reliable, and cost effective when considering the savings from not relying solely upon mains water.

Remember to filter your rain water and install a sufficiently large tank

It is important to filter the rain water that you will be using in your home to ensure that all debris (eg. leaves) is removed. It is also important to ensure that your tank is large enough to comfortably meet your water needs, so as to minimise use of mains water. It is also worth upgrading to a dual flush toilet if you don’t already have one, and to a front load washing machine, which uses less water than top-loaders.