Green Water

What does green water mean?

Green water is water coming from rainfall that gets recycled and goes to the plants or the river.

Is green water bad?

Believe it or not, green water is not bad at all. There have been no studies that it has harmed any form of living specimens. It is actually great for fishes living in the sea and plants too.

What is the difference between green water and blue water?

Blue water is the water we have grown to love. It is what we drink and we used to wash our hands with. On the other hand, green water comes from rainfall that gets transformed into water for plants. There is a huge difference between the two and we normally just encounter blue water so we see green water as bad.

Why is my tap water green?

It is released by copper pipes into water. It is definitely a sign of pinhole leaks and you must be worried about this. Copper is not something we have to be afraid of. However, you just need to take the safe route since it would be scary for everyone who is not familiar with it. Better not drink it and call a plumber to fix it. The big problem for it is that it is going to taste really bad. When you taste it, you will conclude that it tastes really metallic.

Is green on copper pipes dangerous?

It means that you have a leak. You must have a professional plumber check the pipes immediately so he would know what to do. When a leak happens, it may become a bigger threat if you don’t do something about it immediately. It won’t be a good idea to try and fix it yourself either. If you have no prior experience to fixing something like this, it may make the problem worse. Thus, better call someone who knows how to fix it.

Is green on copper pipes bad?

It is never a good idea to drink water when you see that it is color green on copper pipes. It can lead to future health implications. If it is not much, it won’t be that bad but when it is a lot, then you need to stay as far away from it as possible.

Should I replace green copper pipes?

It is going to burst open at any time. However, it should not be replaced. It must be repaired though so better ask a plumber what needs to be done to the green copper pipe. Green water is never a good sign as it is always bad news.

What is green stuff on copper pipes?

It is an indication that you are dealing with pinhole leaks. At first, there should not be a need for any concern about the patina. As the situation develops and more green stuff is showing up, you must get the aid of a professional plumber immediately. You know your water system is in bad shape even if you hate to admit it.