Facts You Need to Know about Solar Energy

The sun gives us light in the form of small particles that reach Earth; this energy is known as solar energy. It is renewable, highly abundant, and cleanest energy. Solar energy can be easily converted to thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy can be harnessed by using different types of ways. There are devices known as solar panels that serve the function to absorb rays of sunlight and convert it into heat or electricity by the photovoltaic effect. The majority of the solar panels are constructed using crystalline silicon solar cells.

Can you put solar panels on a garage roof?

It is beneficial to install a solar panel in your house as it helps to eliminate the harmful gases that are being released from the greenhouse, thus plays a crucial role in reducing hazardous global warming. You can also place a solar panel over your garage roof to generate electricity for your purpose and can also be protected from harmful gases.

How big a solar panel do I need for my house?

If you are wondering what sized solar panel you need for your house, then make sure you first estimate correctly how much solar energy you can or you are using every month. It will give you an idea regarding what size and how many solar panels you need.

Can a house run on solar power alone?

The number of solar panels that you are using also determines if your whole house can run relying on solar energy or not.

Why solar energy is costly?

It is costly because of the usage of materials like silicon. The purification of silicon requires so much time.

What are the two main disadvantages of solar energy?

  • Solar energy is undoubtedly expensive as compared to regular electricity because of the reason most of the solar cells are made up of using this semiconductor material known as silicon, which takes a considerable amount of time and energy to get purified.
  • The first time, the entire process of solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and the installation is costly. If you are installing a large number of solar panels, it will take a considerable amount of space.

Is solar energy better than electricity?

Despite its cost, we can’t deny the fact that solar energy is indeed better than electricity. Solar energy is renewable and highly abundant in nature; we can have it all day! It is not going to disappear one day out of sudden as the sun will be here for a long time, so there are no issues in harnessing solar energy every day. Other than that, by using solar energy for most of your requirements and work, there is going to be a significant drop in electricity bills.

How long does a solar panel last?

Solar panels on your roof will keep producing electricity for approximately 25-30 years.

Should you wash solar panels?

Yes, you can wash it by a hose and a bucket of soapy water. You don’t have to do the task of cleaning every day or every week, cleaning several times in one year is more than enough. Luckily, systems of the solar system need very little maintenance.

Why are solar panels not popular?

First, there is not much awareness regarding solar panels among the people. Second, there is inadequate land to install solar panels. Third, solar panels are expensive, and not everyone can afford it.

Recently, a significant step has been taken by introducing the concept of the solar garden, which means that a bunch of people are coming together and investing in the solar garden to generate power, which is then shared among the members. A solar garden is indeed very beneficial.

Solar energy technology is advancing day by day; something new gets added to the concept of solar energy technology almost every day. It is still improving and growing, and by looking at the innovations, it is possible to see the tremendous increase in the technology shortly